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Department of Urban Planning, Land Survey and Use

Information about the City Council and the City Government
Raekoda, 51003 Tartu
+372 1789

Department of Urban Planning, Land Survey and Use

This department is responsible for the organisation of territorial planning, preparing plans and supervising plans; coordinating the preparation of the city’s development strategy and development plans; the development of the city’s technical infrastructure; and the organisation of land readjustment and geodetic work. Five services take care of the department’s work organisation.


The General Planning and Development Service prepares the city’s zoning, development strategy and short-time development plans and analyses studies, statistics and surveys concerning Tartu.


The Detailed Plan Service handles issues related to detailed plans, prepares terms of reference for detailed plans and arranges the implementation of detailed plans.


The Engineering Service handles questions related to the development of the city’s utility networks, the preparation of terms of reference for plans and the organisation of the drawing up of detailed plans. Additionally, it deals with the development of the city street network, plans traffic and prepares design conditions for facilities.


The Geodesy Service develops and organises geoinformation based on geodetic and land readjustment work; organises geodetic, cartographic and land survey work; and organises the changing of addresses and street names.


The Land Readjustment Service handles activities related to the land readjustment of municipal land; issues related to municipal land; and retaining state ownership of land, acquiring land for the city or privatising land.



Raekoja plats 3, 51003 Tartu

+372 736 1242

l[email protected]

Contact details of employees of Department of Urban and Land Use Planning (in Estonian)

Photo by Sven Zacek
Photo by Sven Zacek

Last changed 14.12.2020