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The Logo and the Slogan of Tartu

Information about the City Council and the City Government
Raekoda, 51003 Tartu
Phone 1789

The Logo and the Slogan of Tartu

The advertising logo of Tartu was registered at the Estonian Patent Office in 1998. The slogan of Tartu, “The City of Good Thoughts,” was approved by a resolution of the City Government of Tartu in 1999. Artist Tiina Viirelaid is the creator of the logo and Aivar Viidik is the author of the slogan.

The logo and the slogan of the City of Tartu are used on printed matter, souvenirs and posters which introduce Tartu as a tourist destination. They are also displayed at events, city presentations, fairs, etc., both in Estonia and abroad. The columns of the main building of the university and motifs of the Emajõgi River are intertwined in the multi-coloured logo of the City of Tartu.

A written application to the Office of the City of Tartu at the following address should be submitted to get a permit for using the logo:

Tartu City Government
Department of Public Relations
Tartu 51007, Jaani 7


Last changed 07.12.2020