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Tartu Smart Bike Share users must follow emergency situation safety measures

Tartu City Government Press Release

Tartu Smart Bike Share Foto: Ove Maidla

28 April / Starting this week, Tartu Smart Bike Share users once again have the opportunity to ride electric bicycles that spent the winter in a garage waiting for better weather. Due to the emergency situation, all Tartu Smart Bike Share users must comply with safety requirements.

The city is doing its best to make the use of Smart Bike Share system bicycles as safe as possible during the period when viruses are spreading, and will be disinfecting the bicycles every day, as required, at bicycle docking stations and in the workshop. Smart Bike Share system users must also be responsible and comply with important health safety regulations:

  • if possible, wear gloves when riding,
  • after you have finished riding the bicycle, wash or disinfect your hands immediately,
  • keep your distance from other road users at bicycle docking stations and while riding the bicycle,
  • the 2+2 rule also applies to Tartu Smart Bike Share bicycles; don’t ride in groups.

When riding a bicycle, it is also important to comply with other safety rules, to ensure that moving about is both pleasant and safe for yourself and others:

  • check the bicycle before using it, making sure that the brakes and lights are in working order, there is sufficient battery charge, and the tires are inflated, 
  • wear a helmet,
  • comply with traffic rules by observing traffic lights and traffic signs,
  • be attentive and exercise care in regards to other road users,
  • don’t make any sudden turns or stops, use the appropriate hands signals to indicate your intentions.

A total of 250 standard bicycles have been in use throughout the winter, to which 500 electric bicycles will be gradually added. Across the City of Tartu there are 69 bicycle docking stations, which are equipped with information boards containing information on using the bicycles. 

Tartu Smart Bike Share contacts: https://ratas.tartu.ee/, +372 1789, info@ratas.tartu.ee

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Last changed 28.04.2020