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City's new draft comprehensive plan sent to the City Council

Tartu City Government Press Release

Tartu city Foto: Sven Zacek

15. juuni / The City Government sent the city’s new draft comprehensive plan and strategic environmental assessment draft report to the City Council for discussion.

The principal task of the new comprehensive plan is to connect Tähtvere Municipality – which joined Tartu during the course of administrative reform – with the city, and to shape the city into a spatial whole. Other topics will also be specified during the course of planning and all parts of the comprehensive plan are open for discussion.

The comprehensive plan follows and specifies the basic solution in the valid plan for the urban area; settlement development areas have been designated in picturesque areas, along with a green network, the locations of valuable agricultural land, a high-water line for the Emajõgi River, and the resulting land use conditions.

The draft comprehensive plan submitted to the Council is a draft solution in the planning process, which is supplemented and elaborated upon during its further preparation and approval, and the inclusion of the public.

According to Deputy Mayor Reno Laidre, the most exciting part of the comprehensive planning process – the time for discussions and proposing ideas – is yet to come. ‘The public display of the draft and the subsequent discussion provides all residents of Tartu with the opportunity to express their opinion on important topics involving the development of the city,' said Laidre. The Deputy Mayor added that the new comprehensive plan seeks, among other things, to make Tartu even more bicycle and pedestrian-friendly, by planning new cycle and pedestrian bridges across the Emajõgi River in the direction of Tuglase Street and Ropka Road, and creating new safe connections between the city’s different districts and the small towns and villages in Tähtvere Municipality.

The draft for the comprehensive plan is set to be put on public display from 13 July – 16 August 2020, in the Tartu Information Centre and the Ilmatsalu Huvikeskus. The complete comprehensive plan solution will be sent for public display in the spring of 2021, and the goal is to adopt the plan in the autumn of 2021.

Additional information: Deputy Mayor Reno Laidre, 736-1224, 528-6361; Director of the Comprehensive Planning and Development Service Indrek Ranniku, Tel: 736-1262, 511-0990.

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