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Tartu’s responsible catering and accommodation establishments will begin to display the consumer label ‘You Are Safe Here’

Tartu City Government Press Release

consumer label ‘You Are Safe Here’

7. september 2020 / Responsible catering and accommodation establishment in the City of Tartu are now free to join the consumer label ‘You Are Safe Here’. The consumer label indicates that a restaurant, café, bar or hotel has joined the goodwill agreement, developed by the catering establishments within the City of Tartu, with the goal of together inhibiting the spread of the coronavirus.

‘It has been repeatedly emphasized that we must learn to live with this virus. There is no such thing as an overabundance of caution today, which is why I am pleased that businesses have taken the initiative themselves and reacted quickly to the situation with the desire to stand up for the health of their customers. The city trusts its entrepreneurs and we want to further emphasize this trust with the developed consumer label’, said Alo Lilles, Head of the Business Development Department.

By using the label, the business confirms compliance with the goodwill agreement without exception and compliance with the instructions of the Health Board. ‘With the consumer label, the business makes it clear that it has done everything in its power to ensure the safety of its customers. I also remind consumers that the responsibility for preventing the spread of the virus lies with all of us, not just businesses’, added Lilles.

The parties having joined the goodwill agreement agree to the following:

1. The business makes every effort to ensure that guests maintain a reasonable distance indoors.
2. Disinfectants shall be kept in a visible place and installed in more places than stipulated by the minimum requirements.
3. The business shall constantly remind its employees that they should not come to work with a runny nose and cough, not to mention fever and more severe symptoms.
4. The business shall not sell alcohol to people exhibiting clear signs of intoxication, and the person will be asked to go home.
5. Staff shall monitor clientele, and if they notice a person exhibiting symptoms, the person will be asked to go home. All surfaces that have been touched by a person with signs of the disease shall then be disinfected.
6. Mechanical ventilation alone is not as efficient as a set of ventilation systems. Therefore, if possible, interiors shall be constantly ventilated by keeping the windows open; in cold weather according to the indoor temperature. If the windows cannot be opened, an attempt at ventilation shall be made by keeping the exterior doors open.

Information for joining the consumer label: https://tartu.ee/tarbijamargis-siin-on-turvaline

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