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City set to begin construction of a new care home

Tartu City Government Press Release

Nõlvaku hooldekodu eskiis

14. jaanuar / A 20-bed care home for elderly people suffering from dementia will be built on the Nõlvaku 10 registered immovable. The care home is scheduled to open in the summer of 2022.

In Tartu, SA Tartu Vaimse Tervise Hooldekeskus currently offers 24-hour general care service to people suffering from dementia, with there being a shortage of places for elderly people with complex care needs. The planned Nõlvaku care home will become a new service unit of the Tartu Vaimse Tervise Hooldekeskus.

According to Deputy Mayor Mihkel Lees, the construction of a new care home is a big step in alleviating the shortage of care homes. ‘The care home to be built will provide the Tartu Vaimse Tervise Hooldekeskus with the opportunity and experience to accept those patients that present difficulties for regular care homes. We are working to ensure that as many Tartu residents as possible receive high-quality care home services close to their home’, said Lees.

The new care home will provide a comfortable environment and the best care options for people suffering from dementia, who can no longer be provided with the necessary help at home. The building, which will be built as a near-zero energy building, will have single and double rooms, leisure rooms with a kitchenette and comfortable seating areas where residents of the care home and their relatives can spend their time.

The public tender for the construction of the Nõlvaku care home was won by Villaare OÜ, with a total tender cost of EUR 1,323,459. The construction period will last for 11 months from the conclusion of the procurement contract. The elderly will be able to move into the completed and furnished new care home by the summer of 2022, at the latest.

The total cost of the project is EUR 1,920,000 and it is being financed by the State Support Service Centre in the amount of EUR 448,000.

Additional information: Deputy Mayor Mihkel Lees, Tel: 736-1210, 5564-1996.

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