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Photographs: In Riga, a street bearing the name of Tartu has become car-free for one month

Tartu City Government Press Release

A street in Riga named after Tartu was made car-free for one month Фото: Renārs Koris

21 июля / On 17 July, a street in Riga named after Tartu (Terbatas iela) was made car-free for one month, in order to fill the area with a cultural programme and traders. Tartu implemented a similar idea at the beginning of July, when Vabaduse puiestee became Autovabaduse puiestee (Car-Free Avenue).

‘The idea of a car-free street in Tartu and Riga taking place at almost the same time is not a coincidence, but an indication of the strong connection between two twin cities. This idea also unites us in a historical sense, because Tartu Street was named after the University of Tartu in 1885, at a time when many reputable Latvians were studying there’, commented Sandra Liepina, Head of International Cooperation in Riga.
Tartu Street in Riga will be closed to motorised traffic until 16 August, and will be fully accessible to pedestrians and cyclists. Local products will be traded on the car-free street, and on weekends the street will be filled by the region’s cultural programme for children and adults, which can be reviewed on the Riga website. Opening day also featured a performance by Estonian DJ Kaarel Valter.
The ultimate goal is to stimulate Riga’s economy, which has been shaken by the corona crisis, and to create a safe and open environment for citizens and visitors.
In Tartu, Vabaduse puiestee was opened to pedestrians at the beginning of July, and the area bearing the name Autovabaduse puiestee will remain open to visitors until August 2. Throughout the month, there will several cultural and educational programmes and fun cultural events to suit every taste. Additional information on Autovabaduse puiestee can be found on the homepage of the City of Tartu.

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