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The city government and the Health Board are urging Tartu’s residents to be careful

Tartu City Government Press Release

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30 июля / Tartu City Government and the Health Board are calling on Tartu’s residents to take a responsible approach with regard to the dangers related to the coronavirus and to stay at home when symptoms of the virus appear.

As of Thursday morning, eight people in Tartu have been infected with the coronavirus. There are a total of 53 people who have been in close contact with the infected.

According to Tiia Luhti, the head of the Southern Region of the Health Board, all the infected persons are related to a case diagnosed on July 24, which started at a nightclub. "As the circle of those who have been in close contact is quite wide, we can unfortunately expect a further increase in the number of infected people."

According to the Mayor of Tartu Urmas Klaas, the expansion of the virus outbreak is very unfortunate. "The irresponsible behaviour of one person can endanger the health of many people. It depends on everyone's behaviour, whether the virus will spread in Tartu, which means bringing back restrictions, or whether we can contain it," the mayor added.

Tiia Luht added that new restrictions will be enacted when the infection rate in the last 14 days in Estonia exceeds 25/100,000 inhabitants.

Tartu City Government and the Health Board emphasize that a person with symptoms of the virus must stay at home and contact his or her family doctor if there are any signs of the virus. People who may have been exposed to a person infected with the coronavirus should also closely monitor their health.
To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, hands should be carefully washed and social distance must be kept, including at public events. The coronavirus spreads from an infected person to healthy people primarily through close contact, in other words, in situations where people are closer than 2 meters to each other for a period of at least 15 minutes.

The use of disinfectants must be guaranteed at shops and other public establishments, as well as at public events.

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