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The Lodjakoda barge workshop complex was opened

Tartu City Government Press Release

barge workshop Фото: Kiur Kaasik

26 августа / On 24 August, the completed Lodjakoda workshop complex was opened with a festive ceremony. Visitors are awaited at Lodjakoda starting from October.

There are three buildings on Lodjakoda’s nearly 1.4 hectare large territory. The building intended for the construction of historic ships will begin operating as a theme park, museum, exhibition site and shipbuilding centre for old wooden ships. The building has a shipbuilding hall, a smithy, a carpenter’s workshop, an exhibition and seminar room, and a cafe. In addition, the registered immovable has a lifeguard building and a boathouse for winter storage of ships and boats.

The Emajõe Lodjaselts will manage the barge workshop complex for a period of 10 years in exchange for rent of EUR 1200 per year. Furnishing of the complex will be completed in October, and it will then be opened to visitors.

‘Tartu has been a barge city since 2006, and the completion of the new Lodjakoda complex will create excellent opportunities to learn about the construction of historic water craft and their association with the Emajõgi River, enliven river traffic and enrich the local cultural programme. In the coming months, MTÜ Emajõe Lodjaselts will be working on readying the centre for visitors, so that the Lodjakoda complex becomes a beloved destination, offering a variety of activities for both tourists and local residents’, said Raimond Tamm, Deputy Mayor of Tartu.
The total cost of construction of the Lodjakoda complex was EUR 2.4 million, with nearly EUR 797,000 in financing coming from the Estonia-Russia Cross-Border Cooperation (CBC) Programme 2014-2020 ‘Common Peipsi 2’. The Lodjakoda complex was designed by Salto Architects and built by AS Ehitustrust.

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