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Friendship and co-operation agreement between the towns of Tartu and Ferrara

In the town of TARTU on 11 \06 - 1998

The undersigned Mayors of TARTU and FERRARA, in their capacity as the representatives of their respective communities, welcome the honour and take the commitment to execute this friendship and co-operation agreement.

This deed implicitly requires both towns to adhere to the inalienable principles of freedom, democracy, peace and human rights adopted and proclaimed by the Universal declaration of the United Nations, an organization of which our respective countries are full-fledged members.

The towns of TARTU and FERRARA, both European towns, reaffirm their commitment to the friendship and co-operation policy between all peoples, and by signing this deed they express their joint willingness to make their best efforts toward seeking all the opportunities that will allow their citizens to realize this mutual co-operation.

Within the framework of the traditional friendship between the peoples of EESTI and ITALY, we express our willingness to foster friendly relations and meeting so as make it possible for both TARTU and FERRARA to gather knowledge on the economic, cultural and social situation of both towns, in addition to any other joint experience that may develop as a result of their mutual relation.

The Mayors of TARTU and FERRARA, who were freely elected by their citizens, will foster and undertake a number of initiatives so as to enable their citizens to take part in cultural, sports, university events and, more generally, in all the opportunities that meet their common interests.

Common issues such as town-planning, economic activities, services to citizens, leisure time, youth employment and education etc., shall be opportunities for both TARTU and FERRARA to probe their mutual knowledge, allowing at the same time this Friendship and Co-operation Agreement to develop further.

This agreement that we have the honour of signing today will enable the citizens of TARTU and FERRARA to start co-operating on all those actions which they, as Europeans, are presented with as we approach the 21st century.

On behalf of the
Municipality of Ferrara  
Roberto Soffritti

On behalf of the
Municipality of Tartu
Roman Mugur