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Brainhunt entrepreneurial competition

Ajujaht (Brainhunt) entrepreneurial competition

Ajujaht, or Brainhunt, is the name of Estonia’s biggest entrepreneurial competition that promotes the entrepreneurship of young people in Estonia and helps create innovative and science-intensive businesses. Tartu City Government is among the list of supporters of the competition in an effort to increase entrepreneurial activity among young people in Tartu. The competition thus also includes a special prize for the company established in Tartu that displays the most innovation and has the highest operating value.

In the last edition in 2018, the special prize of the City of Tartu was awarded to Decomer Technology that produces eco-friendly polymers for different industries.

In 2017 the special prize of the City of Tartu was awarded to Cody which is a coding study platform, that connects the theory to practice.

During the 2016 show, the special prize of the City of Tartu went to SprayPrinter, a company that also won the overall competition. The special prize was worth €4000 and as overall winners they also received a cheque for €30,000 SprayPrinter is a wireless printer that prints images or designs taken from your smartphone onto any wall of your choosing.

For more information see: http://www.ajujaht.ee/en

Last changed 05.12.2018