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Parking in Tartu


Parking scheme in city centre


Zone A – red

Zone B – blue

Pedestrian Zone – yellow


Parking charges apply on working days from 8 to 18. Parking is free on weekends and national holidays.

Parking scheme on Mõisavahe street


Zone C - green


City reconstructed and expanded parking area on Mõisavahe Street.  There are 42 new parking places, close to Mõisavahe 37-39, where parking charges apply. Rest of the parking area is still free of charge.


The area where parking charges apply is divided into three zones: the charge for parking for one hour in Zone A is 2 EUR, in Zone B the charge for one hour is 1 EUR and zone C costs 0,2 EUR per hour.


If you indicate the starting time, you are entitled to 15 minutes of free parking in Zone A and C and up to 90 minutes in Zone B. Parking ticket machines automatically extend the ticket by the free parking time.


If you prefer to use your mobile phone to make use of the free parking time arrangement, simply indicate the Zone and the respective number (A15 / B90 /C15)).


If you park without paying, the fine for delayed payment is 30 EUR.

Payment Options

  • Parking Ticket Machine – in cash (accepts 10, 20 and 50 cent coins as well as 1 and 2 EUR coins) or by card payment.
  • Mobile Payment – (send a text to short code 1902, using the following format: vehicle registration plate, space, designation of the parking zone (123ABC A15 / B90 / C15). To end your parking time call 1903. For information call 1910).
  • Parking Permit – parking permits for a month or year are sold at the Tartu Information Centre on the ground floor of City Hall (phone +372 1789). You can obtain a parking permit for a day at a parking ticket machine by paying for five hours of parking.
  • Online – at the web portal www.parkimine.ee/en
  • Parking App for Smart Devices – we recommend using parking apps  Pargi.ee (Telia Eesti AS), Whoosh! or Autlo (Autlo OÜ).


Time Zone A Zone B Zone C
1 hour €2 €1 €0,2
1 day  €10 €5 €1
1 month €100 €50 €15
3 months €250 €125 €30
12 months €1000 €500 €100



In areas where parking charges apply, there are free, designated parking zones for tourist buses, motorcycles and mopeds (marked with P with a bus or a motorcycle sign added).


Paid and guarded car parks can be found at Anne 48, Põhja puiestee 16 and Tähe 106a.


Paid car parks in shopping centres in the city centre area:

In private parking areas rates may vary.


You can take a parking brochure from the Information Centre in the Town Hall.

15 ja 90 minutit tasuta parkimist

  • Kinnitades parkimise algusaja (parkimiskellaga või paberile märkides), saab A ja C piirkonnas 15 ja B piirkonnas 90 minutit tasuta parkida. Kirjalik teade peab olema vormistatud arusaadavalt, väljast nähtavalt ja loetavalt. Pärast tasuta parkimisaja lõppemist peab sõidukijuht parkimise eest tasuma piirkonnas kehtiva määra järgi.
  • Parkimisautomaat liidab tasuta parkimisaja pileti lõpuajale automaatselt juurde (A ja C piirkonnas 15 minutit ja B piirkonnas 90 minutit).
  • Ühe parkimise jooksul saab kasutada vaid ühte tasuta parkimise aega.
  • Mobiiliga maksmisel tuleb parkimisaeg käivitada teenusepakkuja juhise järgi. Mobiiliga saab tasuta parkimisaega kasutada, lisades SMS-sõnumis piirkonna tähise järele vastava minutite arvu (A15 / B90 / C15).

Parkimise algusaja märkimine

Mootorsõidukijuht peab parkimistasu maksma enne või vahetult pärast parkimise alustamist. Tasuta parkimisaja kasutamisel tuleb tähistada parkimise algusaeg. Selleks soovitame kirjutada kellaaeg paberile või kasutada ühe osutiga parkimiskella. Kahe osutiga parkimiskella kasutades tuleb lähtuda mehaanilise kella tööpõhimõtetest, st kellaaja lugemisel hinnatakse mõlema osuti asukohta. parkimisteade oleks väljastpoolt näha. Kui mootorsõidukijuht ei ole parkimise alustamisest teatanud, tekib parkimistasu maksmise kohustus parkimise alustamise hetkest.

Pane tähele!

  • Mobiilse parkimise puhul kehtib päevapileti arvestus. Nt kui pargitakse viis tundi ning selle aja tasu on võrdne päevapileti maksumusega, saab sõidukit parkida veel 19 tundi ehk päevapileti tasu eest saab parkida kokku 24 tundi. Pärast seda saadetakse SMS lõpetamise ja jätkamise võimaluse kohta. Näide: alustan parkimist esmaspäeval kell 10 ja SMS saadetakse teisipäeval kell 10.
  • Eraparklates võivad parkimistingimused erineda.
Soovituslik ühe osutiga parkimiskell
Soovituslik ühe osutiga parkimiskell

Parking permits for local residents

Discounted parking permits are issued to local residents by the Traffic Management Service of the Department of Communal Services.

Raekoja plats 3, 1st floor, room 209
Reception: Mon 15–18, Tue–Fri 9–10
Ph: 736 1279

A natural person is granted a parking fee discount for parking one A or B category vehicle in a paid parking area (with a term of one month to one calendar year) under the following conditions:

  • the person’s residence is, according to the Estonian Population Register, a dwelling located in a paid parking area;
  • the vehicle is owned or used by the person on the basis of a leasing contract entered into on behalf of the person and the person is entered in the traffic register as the user responsible for the motor vehicle;
  • it is not possible to park the vehicle in the yard of the residence;
  • for each dwelling, a parking fee discount shall be granted for the parking of only one vehicle.

In case of a discount, the parking fee rate is 20% of the rate valid in a specific parking area. A document certifying a parking fee discount is a parking permit issued by the Department of Communal Services, which is issued for parking a specific vehicle on a specifically defined section of road.

The parking fees for local residents are as follows:

Zone A:

  • 1 month – EUR 20
  • 3 months – EUR 50
  • 6 months– EUR 100
  • 1 year – EUR 200

Zone B:

  • 1 month – EUR 10
  • 3 months – EUR 25
  • 6 months – EUR 50
  • 1 year – EUR 100

Parking is paid on weekdays from 08.00–18.00. As it is possible to park for free for 1.5 hours in Zone B from, the marked start time, a resident of Zone B can park his or her vehicle on the street from 16.30 on a weekday evening or until 9.30 in the morning, marking the start of the parking time accordingly.

A new free parking time arises when the vehicle is re-parked. Parking is free on weekends and public holidays.

Last changed 25.01.2021