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Education-related recognition

Education-related recognition

Students graduating with a gold or silver medal

Tartu is proud of its graduates who leave secondary school with a gold or silver medal or finish vocational secondary education with distinction.

The city rewards good study result by handing out €200 scholarships to students graduating with a gold medal and €150 scholarships to students graduating with a silver medal or with distinction. All exemplary graduates will be invited to attend a joint reception by the Tartu County Governor and the Mayor of Tartu.

Teacher of the year competition

The purpose of voting on the teacher of the year is to single out and reward the teachers and managers of various educational institutions in Tartu whose work and personal model-setting has played an important role in the development of young people into multifaceted and mature personalities and has had a positive effect on an educational institution, a particular region or the country as a whole. Candidates for the national competition “Eestimaa õpib ja tänab“ (“Estonia Studies and Expresses Gratitude”) are also chosen from nominees put up as Tartu’s Teacher of the Year.

Lifetime achievement award for teachers

Lifetime achievement awards are given to teachers whom the city of Tartu wishes to recognise for their long-lasting and fruitful work in the various educational institutions in Tartu. The value of the prize is €5000. The award is given out in three categories: nursery school teachers, general school teachers and vocational school teachers.

Teacher scholarship

Every year, Tartu holds a competition to hand out a scholarship for teachers. With this scholarship Tartu aims to value the profession of teachers and support teachers’ work-related self-development. The value of the scholarship is €1000.

Last changed 10.07.2017