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Seasonal information

Seasonal maintenance information

Transport of tree leaves

Tree leaves are taken away free of charge from those immovable properties that feature city trees growing on the cleaning area of individual residential buildings.

Leaves that have been gathered into bin bags will be taken away from particular streets according to schedule. The environmental authority would like to remind owners of immovable properties that it is not allowed to put municipal waste, apples, twigs and other garden waste into bin bags designed for leaves.

Leaves that you have raked up from your property can be taken to waste disposal stations located at Selli 19 (prev. Turu 49) and Jaama 72c, telephone 738 6700 . Biodegradable garden waste can be handed over for a fee. One producer can deposit up to one car trailer full of biodegradable garden waste. In case of larger quantities, take your garden waste to the compost field at the Aardlapalu reloading station (telephone 742 4225).

Photo: Meelis Lokk
Photo: Meelis Lokk

Use of barbecue equipment and making campfires

Please note: waste handling rules for the City of Tartu set out that it is not permitted to burn waste materials within the city without permission. Only non-impregnated and unpainted wood and non-laminated waste paper can be burned in heating chambers without permission. Leaves and twigs are also considered waste and it is not permitted to burn them in a fire. Pursuant to law, burning dead grass is forbidden all year round.

Barbecuing is allowed in the city. Use of barbecue equipment is subject to the same safety requirements that apply to campfires. It is not permitted to barbecue in places where safety standards or requirements set out in legislation or public orders are not met. For example, if the smoke or fire hazard from barbecue equipment disturbs the welfare of neighbours or other citizens, it can be considered a violation of public order.

The safety of the location of barbecuing depends on whether you use prepared coal or burn firewood to get coal.

  • The safe distance from a building for barbecue devices that use solid fuel, such as ready-made charcoal or other incandescent materials, is at least two metres. Balconies are treated as part of buildings and are off limits for barbecuing.
  • The safe distance from a building for barbecue equipment that prepares embers by burning firewood or other burning materials with an open flame is at least five metres.

You should also follow user manuals for particular equipment to determine the safe barbecue location that piece of and other barbecue equipment.

Public barbecue and campfire places in Tartu city:

  • At the end of the swimming place of Emajõgi (Supilinn side)
  • Luunja forest, E. Wiiralti Street
  • In the park of Ropka 

Last changed 17.05.2022