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Change of Gender

Department of Population Facts
Tiigi 12, 50410 Tartu

Küüni 5, 51004 Tartu
Phone: 736 1140

Opening hours: Mon 9:00–12:00, 14:00–17:30; Tue 12:00–16:00, Wed, Fri 9:00–12:00 and 13:00–16:00; Thu closed

Registering information regarding change of gender

When changing gender, the following information is inserted to the population register: given name, gender, and personal identification code. If gender reflects in the person’s surname according to national custom, the new surname is also added to the register.

Other data and vital statistics entries in the population register connected with the person who changed gender are not changed. The person is issued a vital statistics certificate with information regarding change of gender.

In order to change information regarding gender in the population register, the person must submit a corresponding application to the city or municipality government in their county center.

Submitting an application

A digitally signed application must be submitted to Tartu City Government via email [email protected]. It needs to be marked in the application how the applicant would like to receive the decision – either digitally signed (encrypted) and sent by email or received on paper at the office. A medical committee decision regarding the change of gender must be added to the application.

In case it is not possible to send a digitally signed application, the application can also be submitted in person at the vital statistics office at Tiigi 12, Tartu. Please take your ID with you.

In order to submit your application, we kindly ask you to book an appointment in advance either electronically or via phone 7420 632. If possible, please fill out the change of gender application form prior to arriving at the office.

Reception times

Mon 9–12 and 14.00–17.30
Tues 12–16
Wed 9–12 and 13–16
Thu Closed
Fri 9-12 and 13-16

Application for change of gender data

Additional information: Siiri Sinijärv, phone 742 0632, email [email protected]

Data regarding change of gender in a foreign country

In case the changes connected with gender data have been confirmed or identified in a foreign country, the person must submit a document regarding gender data change issued by an institution of this foreign country in 30 days’ time of the change, so that the information can be inserted to the population register. Requirements for documents of foreign countries.

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Last changed 07.02.2024