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Window of Culture

Tartu has a unique cultural life. The city is an ideal environment for people engaged with professional, folk and alternative culture. Tartu is home to interesting museums as well as theatres and concert halls with diverse repertoires. Interesting and exciting festivals take place all year round. Thanks to Tartu’s top athletes and major sports events, the city’s sports life is also well-known beyond Estonia’s national borders.

Department of Culture

+372 736 1360
[email protected]

Raekoja plats 12, 51004 Tartu

Window of Culture

The culture portal Kultuuriaken (Window of Culture) provides the best overview of events taking place in the city and in Tartu County. The portal is available in both Estonian,  English and Russian. Anyone interested is free to add events to the database of the Kultuuriaken portal. Click here to add events.

Thanks to active users, the portal is constantly updated with new events and provides visitors with the most relevant information about cultural activities in the city and Tartu County.

The database of cultural events Kultuuriaken has been active since 2001. The Kultuuriaken website was renewed in autumn 2017.

Last changed 07.12.2020