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Information Centre

Information Centre of Tartu

Information specialists of both the Information Service of the Department of Public Relations of the City Government and Tartu County Tourism Foundation provide citizens and visitors with information in the Information Centre of Tartu on the ground floor of the Town Hall.


Information about the city is provided on issues concerning the contact details, reception hours and duties of the officials of the city as well as the operations procedure and legislation. The information point provides visitors to Tartu with tourist information.


In addition, it is possible to use the Internet, select various printed matter and buy paid parking permits, bus cards and tickets as well as publications on bus schedules in the Information Centre.

Information of the City Council and Government

Mon 9–18, Tue–Fri 9–17

phone: +372 736 1101

e-mail: infokeskus@raad.tartu.ee


Tourist information

15 May – 15 September Mon–Fri 9–18, Sat–Sun 10–17

16 September – 14 May Mon 9–18, Tue–Fri 9–17, Sat–Sun 10–14

phone: +372 744 2111

e-mail: info@visittartu.com


Other services

Parking tickets

Free internet


Piletilevi (concert and theatre tickets)

Lockers for baggage

Smart City Demo Centre

The 1st floor of Tartu Town Hall houses the Smart City Demo Centre, which was created by Tartu City Government in association with the Estonian Smart City Cluster and its partners.


The Demo Centre was constructed by AHHAA Science Centre and aims to showcase smart-city solutions for delegations from businesses and cities visiting Tartu as well as anyone else who is interested.


The centre features videos and interactive remote controls that can be used to learn about the smart solutions implemented in Tartu. Various map layers can be displayed on the 3D model of the city to better highlight Tartu’s infrastructure and development.

Last changed 27.04.2017