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Department of Urban Design

Information about the City Council and the City Government
Raekoda, 51003 Tartu
+372 1789

Department of Urban Design

The Department of Urban Design coordinates the areas of activity related to the strategic planning and comprehensive design of urban space. The aim of the department is to support spatial decision making with a significant spatial impact, both within the city government and beyond.

Specifically, the department deals with the following topics:

  • Guiding the long-term comprehensive and cross-sectoral development and design of the urban space.
  • the strategic planning of urban space, preparation of general and thematic plans and building plans.
  • Preparation of city development documents.
  • Representation of the city in spatial planning issues outside the administrative territory of the City of Tartu.
  • Organising the drawing up of detailed plans.
  • Organisation of a strategic environmental impact assessment.
  • Conclusion of detailed planning agreements for the construction of public facilities directly necessary for the implementation of the planning solution.
  • Organisation and coordination of architectural competitions.
  • Collection and analysis of spatial data and data related to plans.
  • Directing and controlling activities related to green and blue networks;
  • Directing and monitoring activities related to the implementation of the Energy and Climate Plan.
  • Evaluation of mobility solutions and the commissioning of studies.
  • Coordinating urban design issues, developing, curating and coordinating holiday decorations, outdoor exhibitions, art and sculptural elements.
  • Directing and inspecting solutions for landscape architecture, developing and coordinating solutions for small forms of architecture, urban furniture and other inventory.
  • Organisation and coordination of outdoor advertising.
  • State supervision under the Advertising Act.

Last changed 08.12.2023