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Funeral aid

General information

Funeral aid is a one-time payment for covering the costs of a funeral that is paid at the moment of death according to the information in the population register per a deceased person who lived in Tartu city.

Applying for the aid and the value

The organizer of the deceased person’s funeral can apply for funeral aid

  • online;
  • by sending a digitally signed application( pdf  )  to the department’s email address [email protected];
  • by turning to the Tartu City Government’s social and healthcare department’s regional centers.

You can find the addresses and phone numbers of specialists at the regional center according to your residence here.

Persons eligible for funeral aid

or in other words the aid is assigned to:
1) the spouse, relative or relative by marriage of the deceased to whom the death certificate was issued;
2) the spouse, relative or relative by marriage of the deceased if the death certificate was issued to someone else than the spouse, relative or relative by marriage;
3) some other person in charge of arranging the funeral, in case relatives and relatives by marriage have resigned from receiving the funeral aid;
4) a relative of a stillborn child who submits a medical death notification;
5) Tartu city in case the funeral is arranged by Tartu city.

The value of the funeral aid is 250 euros.

The funeral aid is paid no later than within 30 days from registering the funeral aid application.


Funeral aid Regulation number 12 by the Tartu city council on 15 February 2018

Last changed 23.03.2023