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A biodiverse flower meadow will be created in Uueturu Park, with townspeople being invited to take part

Tartu City Government Press Release

Lilleniit Foto: Kiur Kaasik

5 October / From 13–15 October, within the framework of the project ‘Curated Biodiversity’, a meadow will be established in the City Centre of Tartu and bulbous flowers planted together with the help of the people of Tartu. During that time, you will be able to see agricultural machinery and meadow makers bustling about in the area located between Kaubamaja and Theatre Vanemuine.

Anna-Liisa Unt, one of the leaders of the project ‘Curated Biodiversity’, said that biodiversity was brought to the City Centre’s parks during the summer, both by not mowing the park areas and by transplanting a patch of meadow, with efforts now having reached the next stage. ‘In order for the seeds to be sown in the soil, the grass cover is peeled from the meadow area, then the seeds of the plants collected from the local meadows are sown and growth can begin’, said Unt, describing the creation of the flower meadow. In order for the seeds of new plants to germinate quickly, they are being sown now, in the autumn.
During the summer, a working group on landscape biodiversity, from the University of Tartu, studied the vegetation found in the City Centre’s parks. Researchers found five species of plants in the lawn currently being planned for transformation into a meadow. Nearly 20 species of plants will be sown there. The seeds have been collected by botanist Mart Meriste, from Nordic Botanical OÜ, who says that the plants to be sown include common ox-eye daisy, golden marguerite, wild carrot, buttercups, and various types of bellflowers, chicory, and cornflower.

Bulbous flowers are the first to emerge in spring. In order for the vegetation of Uueturu Park to emerge with colour, the leaders of the project ‘Curated Biodiversity’ want to plant snowdrop, snowflake, crocus and tulip bulbs, before sowing the seeds. Bulbs of local origin are preferred, and the help of all Tartu residents is awaited.

Anyone who can and wants to share flower bulbs from their home garden is welcome to bring them to the Information Centre, located on the ground floor of the Town Hall (open Mon 9-18; Wed 9-17; Sat 10-16) until 14 October. If the donor leaves his or her name and contact information for the biodiversity team, the team will later be able to thank the helpers by name. All those who are interested in taking part in the planting of bulbs are invited to gather in Uueturu Park at 12.00, on 15 October. We ask that participants register in advance here www.tartu.ee/lilleniit or via the city’s free information line 1789. Volunteers will be provided with tools and gloves and will have the opportunity to turn a part of Uueturu Park into a biodiverse area, where city dwellers will enjoy spending time.
‘Curated Biodiversity’ is a Tartu 2024 European Capital of Culture project, the aim of which is to create biodiverse parks, while at the same time making the City Centre of Tartu a pleasant and interesting place for people to spend time.

Additional information: https://www.tartu2024.ee/curated-biodiversity

Last changed 05.10.2020