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Changes to urban bus schedules and safety measures expected from June

Tartu City Government Press Release

urban busses Foto: Joonas Sisask

2 June / As of 1 June, there will be changes to urban bus schedules and safety measures arising from the spread of the corona virus.

While urban busses have been disinfected at their last stop since the start of the emergency situation, starting at the beginning of June disinfectants will be installed at the entrances to busses, which can be used upon entering and exiting the bus. GoBus will continue to disinfect busses once per day. Stickers have been placed in busses, which recommend that passengers wear a mask.
The front door on busses will remain closed, with tickets available for contactless purchase via bank card from the validator. Tickets cannot be purchased from the bus driver.
1 June will also bring changes to bus schedules. Line No. 6 will begin to travel at intervals of 30 minutes, and departure times will change for nearly all lines. Line No. 5 will remain out of service. Schedule changes will be reflected at bus stops, on-line and in bus-schedule booklets, which will soon be on sale.

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Last changed 02.06.2020