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Christmas City Tartu offers activities for the entire holiday season

Tartu City Government Press Release

Jõulud Tartus Photo: Peeter Paaver

1 December / Christmas City Tartu, including the skating rink, opens this Sunday, the first day of Advent, at 17.00. Christmas City will remain open until 7 January, and the ice rink will remain open until 3 March.

This year, the new glass pavilions will feature Tartu 2024, the Tartu Song and Dance Festival, and the Tartu Marathon, which will soon be celebrating its 50th anniversary. Thermory and Huum will help bring the sauna year to a dignified close, and the School of Architecture will offer fun and games. Also returning are the children’s favourite straw house, swing and carousels, a sparkling Christmas chandelier, and the Christmas tree, which just arrived in town. You can go on a sleigh ride and get to know the ponies.

There will be a total of three Advent candle-lighting ceremonies in the square to share joy and light. Every Sunday at 17, 18, and 19 you can see the visual spectacle ‘I see...’, directed by actress and director Kaili Viidas. At the first ceremony, Tartu Mayor Urmas Klaas and the dean of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tartu, Kristjan Luhamets, will be greeting residents of Tartu.

The coming weeks will see the square host a winter dance day, a big Latin party, Christmas craft workshops, meetings with Santa Claus, elf school with Lotte, a historical-literary walk, a jazz club with Raivo Tafenau, Ain Agan and Maria Väli with a quartet, and much more. The full Christmas City programme is available here https://tartukorraldab.ee/

Three separate cafés, each with their own cosy pavilion, will be open in Christmas City. Ringo reusable packaging will be used on site and can be returned to the yellow Ringo box. You can also visit Christmas City with your own cup and other dishes, in which caterers will be happy to serve food and drink.

Tartu Christmas City is being organised in accordance with the Green Events Guide, to reduce the environmental impact of the event.

Additional information: Ragnar Konson, Producer of Tartu Christmas City, +372-5824-0301, [email protected]

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Last changed 20.12.2023