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City looking to support the digitisation of manufacturing enterprises

aerofoto Foto: Tiit Grihin

12 February / The Tartu City Government sent the City Council a draft for discussion, under which the City is looking to support enterprises in digitising their manufacturing.

According to Deputy Mayor Raimond Tamm, one of the main challenges and unused possibilities for increasing the competitiveness of manufacturing enterprises in Estonia is digitisation. ‘While Estonia is the leader in Europe when it comes to the digitisation of public services, and exceeds the European average in terms of digital skills and internet use by its citizens, then in the processing industry Estonia ranks in the bottom third when it comes to the use of digital technology,’ stated Tamm.

The goal of digitising companies is to shorten the production cycle and automate production. Digitisation allows for manufacturing enterprises to raise throughput, offer clients more personalised and higher quality products, improve the productivity of employees and reduce work stoppages. Digitisation and automation are also necessary because companies are finding it difficult to hire employees due to the labour shortage.

‘Primarily in smaller companies, the first step taken in the process of starting digitisation is the most difficult. Support from the City will help make it easier to take this step,' said Deputy Mayor Raimond Tamm.

The planned amount of support to be paid for the digitisation of production is up to EUR 5000 per company, and the company’s own financing must cover at least 30% of the costs.

Companies that are operating in the processing industry and whose registered location in the commercial register is the City of Tartu, with production taking place either in the City or Tartu County, may apply for support.

To receive support, the company must first carry out a digitisation audit, which provides an overview of any bottlenecks and establishes a priority for resolving them. Support from the City is intended to implement activities identified by the audit.

A total of EUR 60,000 has been set aside in the 2019 Tartu City budget for the granting of support.

Last changed 12.02.2019