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Coping with the effects of severe climatic conditions and a cyber-attack were practiced during Tartu crisis management training

Tartu City Government Press Release

training Foto: Mana Kaasik

14 November / 14th November, a training exercise involving the City of Tartu’s crisis response team was held, in which the team coped with an emergency situation brought about due to harsh climatic conditions, which was also accompanied by a power outage and a cyber-attack on the City of Tartu’s information systems.

According to the training scenario, Tartu was hit by a major snowstorm, which caused power outages in several city districts, broke trees, and rendered a large number of streets impassable. In addition, the city government’s computer systems were subjected to a cyber-attack.
The purpose of the crisis training exercise was to practice activating the City of Tartu’s crisis response team, resolve an emergency situation, cooperate with partner agencies and providers of vital services, notify the public and resolve a cyber incident. The objective was to also test the functioning of the City of Tartu’s recently completed emergency resolution plan.
According to Mayor Urmas Klaas, the head of Tartu's crisis response team, the training exercise was both vital and necessary. ‘During the course of the training exercise we obtained important feedback on our preparedness to cope with a large-scale crisis encompassing the entire city. For the first time we also dealt with resolving a cyber crisis incident, which is of critical importance in today's world,' added Klaas.
Participating in today’s training exercise were the City of Tartu’s crisis response team, several partner agencies (South Prefecture, Southern Rescue Centre, and Naiskodukaitse) and undertakings providing vital services (Elektrilevi, Fortum Tartu, Tartu Veevärk AS and Tartu road undertakings). A physical crisis was not simulated in the City Centre, and the activities intended to resolve the situation were played out in the workplaces of the respective participants.
Tartu began planning the crisis training last year, and it was carried out by OÜ Cybexer Technologies.

Last changed 15.11.2019