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Emajõgi River summer concert series bring well-known musicians to the riverside

Tartu City Government Press Release

Suvekonsterdid Foto: Uku Peterson

8 August / The first Emajõgi River summer concert series is set to pair Marek Sadam with Tõnu Laikre, Urmas Lattikas with Kaire Vilgats, and youth from the Heino Eller Music School’s rhythmic music department with the Liisi Oja Quartett. The summer concerts will be taking place on 14, 21 and 28 August, the last three Wednesdays of the month.

With the help of new and diverse riverside concert sites the concert series wishes to bring more live music to the city during the summer.

Sound and space behave differently at the new performance sites – each concert is unique, the experience depends on the location, as well as the weather and participants, i.e. an audience that has become enlivened due to the newness of the concert sites. Lectures and meetings associated with the river will be held prior to the concerts.

At 21.00 on 14 August, Marek Sadam and Tõnu Laikre will be stepping before the public with the concert “Armas Lavendel” at the Fortuuna observation platform, located by Võidu sild (Victory Bridge). The concert will be preceded at 20.00 by a warm welcome from the Tartu 2024 team and a lecture about the Emajõgi River from art historian Enriko Talvistu, who is a close friend of the Spirit of Tartu.

On 21 August, the Urmas Lattikas Band – comprised of the best jazz musicians in Estonia – together with Kaire Vilgats, will be performing by Sõpruse sild (Friendship Bridge), on the left bank of the river.

On 28 August, at Jannsen and Koidula Memorial Square, the Liisi Oja Quartett will bring the first season of the Emajõgi River summer concert series to an end. This musical meeting will be preceded by a lecture from photographer Uku Peterson.

Additional information is available on the page www.emajoesuvekontserdid.ee and the Facebook page for the concert series.

In 2020, concerts will be taking place from 22 July thru 26 August.

Additional information:
Kaari Soosalu
Tiigi Community Centre
+372 521 3259

Last changed 09.08.2019