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Gathering of ideas for the participative budget to begin on 1 May

Tartu City Government Press Release

Kaasav eelarve Foto: Ahto Sooaru

29 April / Starting on 1 May, the Tartu City Government will begin accepting ideas from city residents on how to use EUR 200,000 in the City’s 2021 budget. The maximum upper limit for one idea is EUR 100,000.

According to Mayor Urmas Klaas, the difficult situation we are currently facing is making us look at things in a new way. ‘Perhaps it will also provide a breath of fresh air to the participative budget, and we will receive many interesting ideas and innovative perspectives from city residents’, added Klaas.

The object of the participative budget must be an investment that is associated with the City of Tartu and has a maximum cost of EUR 100,000. A participative budget idea must serve the public good, be open to public use, and may not create unreasonable costs for the city’s budgets in subsequent years. At least two of the ideas that receive the most votes during the public referendum will be implemented in 2021.

Ideas can be submitted from 1–22 May, to the address www.tartu.ee/kaasaveelarve

Following the receipt of the ideas, their feasibility – monetarily, technically and in terms of time – will be assessed by experts from their respective fields. Public discussions of the ideas, where it will become clear which ideas will reach the final vote in October, have usually taken place in June, but will be postponed to August of this year due to the special situation. The exact time and method by which the discussions will take place will be decided upon based on the situation in the country. Public voting will take place at the beginning of October.

The authors of ideas are invited to take part in the entire participative budget process and introduce their ideas.

Tartu held its first participative budget in 2013, and will be organising it for the eighth time this year. So far, 10 ideas have been implemented via the participatory budget: the acquisition of presentation equipment for the Cultural Quarter along Lai Street; the lowering of kerbs at crossings; construction along the banks of Emajõgi River in the area between the Kaarsild and Võidu bridges; preparation of the draft project for Arena Tartu; the reconstruction of the historic stables at Raadi; creation of pocket parking at the Aparaaditehas; the construction of walking trails along the banks of the Emajõgi River and in the Tähtvere Arboretum; the creation of a yard inspiring movement at the Mart Reiniku school; tidying up of the calm traffic area at the Tartu Kesklinn School; and the renovation of the Annelinn athletic field.

Two ideas will be brought to life this year: the tidying up of bike lanes and the calm traffic area at the Tartu Catholic School.

Additional information: www.tartu.ee/kaasaveelarve

Last changed 30.04.2020