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Legendary armoured train to once again stop at the Tartu Railway Station


13 May / From 13–29 May, at the Tartu Railway Station, it will once again be possible to get acquainted with the armoured train Wabadus.

The train will be open to visitors every day from 11.00–18.00. Visiting the train is free for those who are interested.

On Friday, 17 May at 13.00, the ensemble Kitarripatarei – made up of young conscripts from the Orchestra of the Estonian Defence Forces – will be giving a free concert by the armoured train next to the Tartu Railway Station.

Armoured train No. 7 Wabadus was completed in cooperation between the Organising Committee of Estonia 100, the Estonian War Museum and Operail. Eesti Raudtee, the Defence League, USS, local governments and several museums are all contributing to the movement of the armoured train and cars during the trek by Wadadus. The exhibition introducing the history of the War of Independence has been prepared by the Estonian War Museum.

Visiting the armoured train is an exciting trip into Estonia's history and the deciding moments of the story of our War of Independence.

Schools can register groups for a guided tour: http://tartu.e2/E7SGK

The celebration of Estonia’s 100th anniversary will last until 2 February 2020, when 100 years will have passed since the signing of the Tartu Peace Treaty. Additional information on anniversary events can be found here: www.EV100.ee and esm.ee/ekspositsioon/soomusrong-nr-7-wabadus

Last changed 13.05.2019