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Music by Meisterjaan is being played on Kaarsild

Tartu City Government Press Release

Kaarsild Foto: Tarmo Haud

18 December / This Christmas season, a musical composition by Meisterjaan (Jaan Tätte Jr.), completed as part of the Kaarsild musical composition contest, can be heard playing on Kaarsild.

The composition will be played five times each day, at 9.04, 12.04, 15.04, 18.04 and 21.04, via the bridge's sound system each. The composition can be heard on the bridge until 6 January (included).

The Kaarsild musical works competition was organised by the Tartu City Government last year. Out of the 57 works submitted to the competition, the jury selected five winning works, which will be performed on the Kaarsild to highlight various events and anniversaries.

The work by Meisterjaan combines the composer's own voice, electronic sounds, and a Jew's harp (which was manufactured in Tartu). The jury recognised the specificity of the work: the creation of the composition has taken into consideration the spatiality of the bridge and the sound system. With the sounds, the author has succeeded in conveying an interesting darkness, perfectly illustrating the polar night of the current equinox.

Last changed 18.12.2019