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The number for the City of Tartu’s hotline is 1789

Tartu City Government Press Release

Infokas Foto: Ove Maidla

31 October / As of 1 November, reorganisation has taken place in the operation of the City of Tartu’s hotlines, with the former municipal maintenance hotline of 1789 remaining as the city’s unified hotline. Municipal maintenance messages can still be left at the short number 1789, but now information related to the organisation of the city and help with the Tartu Smart Bike Share can also be obtained from the number.

The purpose of the reorganisation is to make it easier and more convenient for city residents to obtain information. Until recently there were several different numbers in use, and when calling the short number 1789, one had to press the corresponding number on the keypad to select a more specific topic.

Starting on 1 November, when calling the 1789 hotline an employee in the City Government's Call Centre will either personally direct the call to the corresponding line or help by providing the caller with the necessary information. In this way questions concerning bus tickets will be directed to AS Rindango, while questions concerning line disruptions and objects lost on a bus will be directed to the AS GoBus dispatcher. In the case of other questions, which are related to the work of the City Government, Tartu Smart Bike Share and general bus traffic, employees of the City Government’s Call Centre will provide answers.

The operating hours of the 1789 hotline will be extended: 7-20 on working days and 11-19 on weekends.

The current employees of the City Government’s Information Centre will continue working in the Information Centre’s Call Centre, along with Tartu City Transport call operators who began work in the spring.

The numbers 5305-5000 (Tartu Smart Bike Share information telephone) and 736-1101 (City Government’s Information Centre) will not be closed immediately, with calls instead being forwarded to 1789. In the future, those numbers will disappear from public use.

The short number 1789 was adopted as Tartu’s municipal maintenance hotline in 2004. A hint at helping to remember the numbers was the year 1789 in Tartu's history – the year in which construction of the current Town Hall structure was completed.

Last changed 04.11.2019