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On 9 June, the results of the public display of the comprehensive plan will be revealed

Tartu City Government Press Release

31 May / The Tartu City Government adopted positions concerning the proposals and objections submitted during the course of the public display of the comprehensive plan.

The City Government's positions will be revealed on Friday, 9 June, during the public discussion at the V Conference Centre.

The comprehensive plan and the strategic environmental assessment report for the City of Tartu were on public display from 27 March until 28 April 2017. In addition to one citywide discussion, seven regional and four thematic discussions took place in various city districts, in which a large number of interested parties participated.

“The dissemination of the plan was quite successful in bringing topics of concern to light, the most important of which proved to be questions associated with the milieu and the structuring of the rapidly developing network of cycle tracks and pavements in Tartu. Naturally, lively feedback was also received on the topic of the tramway tracks,” commented Indrek Ranniku, Head of the Master Planning and Development Service.

On the basis of proposals received during the public display period, it was decided that changes should be made to the planning solution concerning light traffic, the principal purposes for several plots, the boundaries of culturally valuable built-up areas, and the principles governing parking.

During the public display period nearly 100 people submitted proposals and objections regarding the comprehensive plan. A 175-page document has been prepared based on these submitted proposals, the analysis thereof and the positions adopted.

The comprehensive plan has not been finalised, instead the process is continuing. Anyone interested is invited to attend the public discussion of the comprehensive plan, scheduled for Friday 9 June at 16.00, in the V Conference Centre, where the proposals made during the public display period will be discussed.

Additional information on the comprehensive plan: www.tartu.ee/uldplaneering (the page is in Estonian)

Last changed 31.05.2017