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Smart street lighting network to be installed in a section of the City Centre of Tartu

Tartu City Government

tänavavalgustus Foto: Ahto Sooaru

4 January /

In December, within the framework of the SmartEnCity project, the City of Tartu replaced 320 existing sodium lights in the city centre area of Tartu with energy efficient LED lighting. The new lighting and the soon to be installed traffic and environmental sensors will together form a smart street lighting network.

Energy efficient street lighting was installed along Pepleri, Pargi, Kuperjanovi, Õpetaja, Tiigi, Vanemuise, Aida, Lao, Kalevi, Tähe, W. Struve, Akadeemia, Kitsas, Soola, Lille, Vallikraavi, Filosoofi, Lootuse, Kastani, Veski, Kooli, A. Haava and Näituse Street, all located within the pilot area of the project.

Cityntel OÜ installed control units in all of the lighting, allowing for the operation of the lighting to be organised remotely.

‘The updated street lighting will allow for a saving of up to 70 per cent on electricity, while at the same time the streets in question will also be more evenly lit than before. Sensors will allow for the lighting to be controlled based on actual traffic and environmental conditions, thereby enabling the efficient use of energy’, explained Deputy Mayor Raimond Tamm.

Refurbishment of the street lighting was performed by Leonhard Weiss Energy AS. The total cost of the works was EUR 112,452, part of which was financed from the city budget, with the remainder coming from European Commission support.

The City of Tartu is participating in the international project SmartEnCity, during the course of which an energy efficient city district operating based on smart solutions will be created from the Khrushchyovkas located in the city centre. One of the project’s main activities involves the renovation of Soviet Era apartment buildings into nearly zero-energy buildings. The smart city district will also employ innovative solutions in district heating, street lighting, the use of renewable energy and mobility.

The SmartEnCity project is being funded within the framework of Horisont 2020, the European Union’s research and innovation programme Horisont 2020.

Additional information: Deputy Mayor Raimond Tamm, Tel: 515 4738.


Last changed 04.01.2018