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Tartu gathers information on people in need and those ready to help on the city’s homepage

Tartu City Government Press Release


18 March / The City of Tartu opened an environment on its homepage, where it is calling on people in need, people ready to help and citizens’ initiatives to make themselves known.

According to Helen Kalberg, Marketing Manager for the City of Tartu, who is in charge of coordinating the work of volunteers, information is awaited from anyone who is ready to contribute to helping others during the crisis or who knows someone who is in need of help during the crisis. The city is also awaiting information on citizens’ initiatives that are focused on assisting fellow city residents. ‘There are special feedback forms on the homepage www.tartu.ee/tartuaitab which must be completed. This allows us to gather together information on volunteers and citizens’ initiatives in the area of Tartu, so that we can more rapidly organize crisis aid during an emergency situation in the area of Tartu’, Kalberg explained.

All volunteers, who would like to help in resolving any bottlenecks that arise during the emergency situation, definitely need to be healthy and ready to contribute their time in accordance with specific agreements.

All those who make themselves known via the website will be contacted, if necessary.

Additional information www.tartu.ee/tartuaitab

Additional information: Marketing Manager for the City of Tartu Helen Kalberg Tel: 513-3929, helen.kalberg@raad.tartu.ee

Last changed 18.03.2020