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Tartu joined the esteemed international network of culinary cities

Tartu City Government Press Release

Tartu liitus hinnatud rahvusvahelise kulinaarialinnade võrgustikuga Photo: Silver Gutmann

17 January / Tartu became the only city in the Baltics to become a member of the Délice Network, a global network of cities that values the art of fine cuisine or gastronomy. The aim of the network is to develop sustainability and environmental friendliness in the catering industry and to introduce Tartu to foreigners as a food tourism destination.

According to Aivar Hanson, food promoter, head of the Flavours of Estonia programme and editor-in-chief of the Nordic and Baltic Falstaff Nordic Restaurant Guide, membership in the network is a source of great recognition for Tartu. ‘The Délice Network is a truly global organization, with the membership of a newcomer requiring the approval of all current members. Membership in the network is a matter of honour, one that comes with the moral obligation to continuously evolve in order to remain worthy of recognition.’

According to Elisabetta Bernardini, Executive Director of the Délice Network, Tartu’s food landscape fully conforms to the network’s values and vision. ‘Tartu’s membership in our network is a major contribution to the work of the Délice Network and, in turn, places the city on the map of the world’s culinary destinations. I’m sure there will be many benefits from cooperation.’

The Délice Network unites 26 cities around the world that consider food and gastronomy to be an important factor in increasing the economic development and attractiveness of their respective cities. ‘By contributing to the international network, Tartu can share best practices and learn from the success stories and challenges of other cities, which is why we are very proud and excited to join the network,’ said Marilin Kroon, Development Manager for Food and Service Industry in the Tartu City Government.

Tartu is the only city in the Baltics that is a member of the Délice network. Other member cities in the network include:

Barcelona, Birmingham, Bordeaux, Brussels, Busan, Cali, Chicago, Gaziantep, Guangzhou, Helsinki, Izmir, Lausanne, Leipzig, Lisbon, Lyon, Madrid, Malmö, Merida, Montreal, Puebla, Stavanger, Tbilisi, Turin, Tucson, and Wroclaw.

The Délice Network was set up in 2007 by Lyon, the birthplace of the Bocuse d’Or cooking competition, and its aim is to support local food culture and economic development, bring tourists and food businesses to the network’s member cities, and develop international partnerships between cities.

Last changed 17.01.2024