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Tartu nominated for the Access City Award

15 November / The European Commission has selected the City of Tartu as one of the six candidates for the Access City Award 2020.

Winners will be determined in two stages: the preliminary selection will take place at the national level and the final selection will be made at the European level. The three best will be announced on 29 November, at the European Day of Persons with Disabilities Conference, in Brussels.

According to Tartu Deputy Mayor Mihkel Leesi, reaching the top six in Europe is already an achievement in itself, which shows that Tartu’s practices are also important at the European level. ‘It is important for us that the activities of persons with disabilities and the elderly are supported by their home environment as well as the city space. We make an effort to adapt the homes of persons with disabilities to meet their needs in a volume that exceeds what is initially planned. The delivery of warm meals to the homes of those who are interested works well. Low-floor urban line buses are driving around the city and disability buses, which have been adapted to meet the needs of disabled persons, offer social transport service. In cooperation with Dorpat Tervis, we are offering the elderly a fall prevention programme, and are working to make sure that public establishments are accessible to people with movement disabilities,' said Lees. He added that the candidacy for the title brings with it opportunities for cooperation with other cities and the sharing of better practices.

The title of Access City Award is being presented for the 10th year under the leadership of the European Commission. The award is presented in recognition of the city's preparedness and ability to ensure that the elderly and persons with disabilities have better access. European cities with at least 50,000 residents are eligible to apply for the award. Winning cities continue to improve accessibility on the spot as well as throughout Europe. They have an obligation to share their experiences with other European Union Member States.

For the first time in history a monetary award is being presented to the winning city, in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the title.

Additional information about the award: „Access City Award 2020“ https://ec.europa.eu/social/main.jsp?langId=en&catId=1141&eventsId=1442&furtherEvents=yes

Additional information: Piret Väljaots, Health Services Director of the Social Welfare and Healthcare Department, tel: 5358-6559 and, Maarika Kurrikoff, Director of the Social Care Service, tel: 523-6895.

Last changed 15.11.2019