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Tartu residents are welcome to community workday “Toomemäe leaves for food”

Research Centre of Organic Farming of Estonian University of Life Sciences

Autumn leaves Foto: Kerly Ilves

26 October / On October 31, a community workday for the whole family "Toomemäe leaves for food" will take place in Tartu. The raked leaves will be taken to the Tartu Organic Garden and Emajõe garden to grow food and other flowering plants on fertile soil next year.

Next Saturday, all Tartu residents are welcome to Toomemägi to help rake the fallen leaves. "We wish to use all available natural resources and keep nutrients in circulation," said Elen Peetsmann, director of the Research Centre of Organic Farming at the Estonian University of Life Sciences. According to her, there are currently two active community gardens in Tartu, which are attracting more and more interested people. “In the Emajõe garden there is a permaculture garden and interested Tartu residents can join this community. Also, Tartu Organic Garden is expanding and new interested people are welcome”.
The collected leaves are taken to the Tartu Organic Garden and within two weeks community gardeners take them to their private garden beds and to common compost heaps. It is important to mulch the soil for the winter to prevent peat soil oxidation and nutrient leaching. In the spring, some leaves will be dug to the garden beds and some composted because it is not recommended to put too many leaves into soil at once.  "Bacteria uses the nitrogen in the soil to decompose the leaves," Peetsmann added. In the Emajõe garden, composting experiments are established and the area for food grove is prepared.
The community workday starts at 10 am at the Rotund café and ends approximately at 5 pm. If possible, bring your own rake and work gloves, in the absence of a rake it can be borrowed on site. The event takes place in any weather, so you need to dress comfortably and according to the weather.
"Let’s enjoy good company, a beautiful autumn and environmentally friendly work," Peetsmann encourages those interested to take part in the workday. Even if it is not possible to join in the morning, a helping hand is expected all day.
The community workday is organized by Tartu Organic Garden, Emajõe Garden, the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 project Growing with Your Food, The Research Centre of Organic Farming of Estonian University of Life Sciences, Tartu City Government and Krausberg Eesti OÜ
Come with the whole family and take your friends with you!
For more information:
Elen Peetsmann
Research Centre of Organic Farming of Estonian University of Life Sciences
tel: 53044003

Last changed 26.10.2020