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Tartu residents satisfied with their living environment

Tartu City Government Press Release

linnavaade Foto: Ragnar Vutt

23 September / Conducted this summer, the survey ‘Residents of Tartu and the Environment 2021’ revealed that 80% of Tartu’s residents are satisfied with the living environment in their city.

The survey was conducted by Turu-uuringute AS.
Commenting on the survey, Tartu Mayor Urmas Klaas said: ‘I am delighted to report that the residents of Tartu remain satisfied with the living environment in the city – 81% of respondents consider it to be good or very good.’ ‘The great environmental interest shown by the residents of Tartu is also gratifying, with the exercise habits of the people of Tartu having become much healthier over a period of five years, to which the opening of the Smart Bike Share system has made a significant contribution.’
The aim of the survey ‘Residents of Tartu and the Environment 2021’ is to determine how Tartu’s residents assess the different aspects of their living environment, what their environmental attitudes are and how these assessments and attitudes have changed compared to previous surveys.
A survey conducted in July of this year showed that the general assessment of residents regarding Tartu’s living environment is high – 81% consider it either good or very good. Overall, satisfaction has been on the rise compared to previous surveys.
A total of 92% of city residents are interested in nature and environmental issues. According to the respondents, the most topical environmental problems are car use and the continued growth in the amount of waste. Satisfaction with the environmental activities of the Tartu City Government has increased over the years.

Satisfaction has also increased in a number of leisure-related areas. Compared to previous surveys, people are more satisfied with the adequacy and condition of playgrounds, recreational opportunities at beaches, and hiking and nature trails. Respondents mainly point to traffic safety and culture, a lack of pavements or their poor condition as problem areas in their surrounding living environment.
The exercise habits of Tartu’s residents have also become healthier. The use of automobile and public transport has decreased, while the number of cyclists has increased significantly. Almost 50% of the respondents make their daily trips on foot, 31% by car, 12% by public transport and 12% by bicycle.
Although only 11% of respondents are aware of the City of Tartu’s climate goals, the majority of city residents are ready to change their consumption habits (e.g. energy use, car use, etc.) in the future to help achieve the city’s climate goals.
Within the framework of the study ‘Residents of Tartu and the Environment 2021’, 1000 Tartu residents were interviewed. The opinion survey was conducted for the sixth time this year. The first survey first took place in 1997 and the previous survey was in 2016. The survey is conducted every five years.
The survey is available for viewing at https://www.tartu.ee/et/uurimused/tartlane-ja-keskkond-2021

Last changed 23.09.2021