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Tartu Smart Bike Share bicycles have covered 1.5 million kilometres in three months

Tartu City Government Press Release

16 September / Since it first opened on 8 June, Tartu Smart Bike Share bicycles have covered more than 1.5 million kilometres, with more than 532,000 rides having been taken. During the summer months, Tartu Smart Bike Share had nearly 20,000 active users.

In the first week following the end of the discount period there are still 7000 active users who have purchased either a Tartu Smart Bike Share membership or bus period ticket required to use a bicycle.

Tartu Deputy Mayor Raimond Tamm welcomed the attention that the arrival of Tartu Smart Bike Share brought to moving about on bicycles. ‘I know that there were many drivers who left their cars at home and chose the more sustainable method of travel by bicycle. I myself am one of those drivers. When looking at the city, it seemed that there were many more personal bicycles in the city environment this summer, which was perhaps due to the positive influence of Tartu Smart Bike Share,’ said Tamm.

The average distance travelled by Tartu Smart Bike Share bicycles is around 2000 kilometres. Some bicycles have already exceeded a distance of 5000 kilometres. More than five trips have been taken for each person living in Tartu.

According to Roman Meeksa, Head of the Tartu City Transport Unit, the greater than expected popularity of Tartu Smart Bike Share put the entire team to the test. ‘Within the first 40 days the same distance was covered in Tartu that our bicycle supplier Bewegen had forecast for the first two years, based on its experience from other cities. Thanks to this experience we are now much better prepared for upcoming in season periods,’ said Meeks.

As of 25 July, new terms of use and a price list for violations have entered into force for Tartu Smart Bike Share. Several circumstances were specified, which were not anticipated when preparing the initial terms of use. Rules and the fines imposed for violations were specified in greater detail in the new terms of use,’ said Meeks. After the entry into force of the new terms of use, more than 100 contractual penalties and late fees have been issued, and nearly 70 accounts have been blocked due to the misuse of bicycles. Observations by city residents, regarding lost bicycles and bicycles being damaged, have been of great help to the organisers of Tartu Smart Bike Share.

On 8 September the summer discount period for Tartu Smart Bike Share came to an end, during the course of which those people who had registered early were given the opportunity to use Tartu Smart Bike Share bicycles without purchasing a period ticket. Henceforth a standard price list shall apply for Tartu Smart Bike Share: all users must acquire a Tartu Smart Bike Share period ticket (Daily Membership – EUR 5, a Weekly Membership – EUR 10, and an Annual Membership – EUR 30) or a period ticket for the bus (10, 30 or 90 day ticket). Additional information: https://ratas.tartu.ee/

Tartu Smart Bike Share user support: telephone 5305-5000 (Mon–Fri from 7–20, and Sat–Sun from 11–19) and [email protected].

Last changed 16.09.2019