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The Tartu studio of Estonian Public Broadcasting may be coming to the Downtown Cultural Centre

Tartu City Government Press Release

Telemees Photo: Ove Maidla

6 April / The City of Tartu and Estonian Public Broadcasting have signed a memorandum of understanding to plan the construction of the Tartu studio of Estonian Public Broadcasting in the Downtown Cultural Centre.

According to Urmas Klaas, Mayor of Tartu, interest on the part of Estonian Public Broadcasting gives Tartu confidence that the new Cultural Centre will be of national importance and will bring together very different cultural fields. ‘The Tartu studio of Estonian Public Broadcasting has been operating for almost 60 years, and has been an important part of Tartu’s cultural space. Hopefully, the new and modern studio in the Downtown Cultural Centre will help to draw greater attention to the themes of South Estonia,’ the Mayor added.
Erik Roose, Chairman of the Management Board of Estonian Public Broadcasting, added: ‘The Tartu studio is Estonian Public Broadcasting’s largest regional media unit, and needs good working conditions for news, radio, and TV broadcasting. The new Cultural Centre is expected to create additional opportunities for this, in the form of both studios and workspaces.’
In order to ensure that the premises to be rented meet the needs of Estonian Public Broadcasting, cooperation is already underway in the preparation of the Cultural Centre’s spatial programme.
Preparations are currently underway to launch an international architectural competition for the design of the Downtown Cultural Centre, and negotiations are underway between the City of Tartu and the Cultural Endowment of Estonia to agree on the funding conditions. The building is expected to be completed in 2029.
A closer look at the Downtown Cultural Centre www.tartu.ee/sudalinna-kultuurikeskus
Additional information: Mayor Urmas Klaas, tel: 513-5145

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Last changed 06.04.2022