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Tartu to fix up its public swimming spot

Tartu City Government Press Release

concept of a public swimming spot

9 July / At its meeting, the city government discussed the concept of a public swimming spot for Tartu, the aim of which is to create a pleasant and safe beach area next to the soon to be completed Lodjakoja barge workshop complex located along the banks of the Emajõgi River.

‘We have been consistently developing the banks of the Emajõgi River, in Tartu. Consisting of three buildings, the Lodjakoja barge workshop complex will already be completed by the end of this summer. The next logical step is to continue developing Tartu’s public swimming spot. A modern public swimming spot would offer city residents a pleasant and secure place to spend their time,’ explained Major Urmas Klaas.

Plans for the spot include rest areas, which will alternate with attractions meant for children and sports fans. A securely enclosed shallow pool will be built in the water for children, along with a separate bathing area for adults. The design language for the beach’s outdoor furniture is derived from the location marker icon ‘You are Here!’ helping to guide visitors to stay and spend time on the beach. A boardwalk will be built in the existing shrubbery to allow visitors to get acquainted with nature and to walk about. A road will be built to the public swimming spot for pedestrians and cyclists, along with convenient access for people with special needs.

The draft plan for Tartu’s public swimming spot will be completed this fall, and will be followed by planning. Site clean-up is planned for next year.

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Last changed 09.07.2020