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Vanemuise Street to be completed in the fall of 2020

Tartu City Government Press Release

15 August / The reconstruction of Vanemuise Street, which began with the construction of utility networks this spring, is in full swing. By the fall of 2020, Vanemuise Street will be transformed into an important route for cycle and pedestrian traffic between the City Centre and the Vaksali City District.

An animated preview (InfraBIM OÜ) of what Vanemuise Street will look like in 2020 can be viewed at: https://youtu.be/w-N1_py-fB4

In accordance with the project, preference will be given to pedestrian and bicycle traffic along Vanemuise Street. Cycle lanes that are level with the street will be built on both sides of the carriageway. Sidewalks will be covered with paving stones. Parking pockets will also be built in sections along the shoulder on one side of the street. Stormwater drainage and street lighting will be reconstructed along the street.

The principles of traffic organisation along Vanemuise Street will be changed to a significant extent. Traffic along the section between Pepleri Street and Ülikooli Street will become one way in the direction of Ülikooli Street. Two-way traffic will be maintained along the section between Vaksali Street – Pepleri Street. A speed limit of 30 km/h will be established along the entire length of Vanemuise Street. Traffic lights will be installed at the intersection of Pepleri Street and Vanemuise Street.

Reconstruction works are planned for the period 2019-2020 and are divided into two stages.

  • In 2019 the section between Akadeemia Street and Vaksali Street will be reconstructed.
  • In 2020 the section between Ülikooli Street and Akadeemia Street, along with Uueturu Street, will be reconstructed.

Reconstruction of Vanemuise Street and Uueturu Street is being performed by Asfaldigrupp OÜ, with owner supervision being performed by OÜ Lacados, with Tinter-Projekt OÜ serving as the designer of the engineering portion and AB Artes Terrae OÜ serving as the designer of the landscape architecture portion.

Last changed 15.08.2019