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Video prepared on Tartu as a potential computer game industry developer

Tartu City Government Press Release

24 July / The Tartu City Government has prepared a video about the development of Tartu’s computer game industry.

The video was completed within the framework of the “Baltic Game Industry – Empowering a Booster for Regional Development” project, financed from the INTERREG Baltic Sea Region programme. The goal of the project is to create an incubator and suitable conditions for the development of computer games in Tartu, thereby improving the economic indicators of Tartu’s IT companies and creating jobs in the field of game development.

According to Alo Lilles, Head of the Department of Business Development, the city would like to point out that Tartu already has everything necessary to allow for the emergence of a very successful video game industry. ‘We have a great living environment, universities, a support structure for business development, along with incubators, a strong local game development community, start-up thinking, and a wealth of IT talent. The global video game industry (mobile, computer and console games) is currently worth EUR 137 billion and will exceed EUR 170 billion by 2023. The video game industry is a business of the future, from which Tartu and the Estonian state could win a lot,’ said Lilles. ‘The video game industry is not only about writing code, it also needs graphics, sound, music, storytelling and much more – all of which Tartu is already in an excellent position to offer today’, added Lilles.

The video on the video game industry was prepared by Velvet OÜ and Motion Pixels OÜ

Additional information: Head of the Department of Business Development Alo Lilles, Tel: 736-1196, 5645-2311


Last changed 24.07.2020