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This year’s Tartu Food and Wine Festival to offer surprises with several new innovations

Tartu City Government

toidufestival Foto: Ahto Sooaru

31 July / This year’s Tartu Food and Wine Festival, taking place from 11–13 August in the City Centre of Tartu will, for the first time, last for three days.

New to the Festival are the open wine area, pop-up outdoor dinner, and home café day, which will be taking place on the last day of the Festival. Tartu maitse 2017 (Taste of Tartu 2017) and Tartu linna vein (Tartu City Wine 2017) will be selected at the Festival.

The three day event will open on Friday, 11 August, with a pop-up dinner, which will be taking place in the courtyard located between Ülikooli 3 and Küüni 5. Chefs from the restaurant UmbRoht will be showing how tasty food can be prepared using local raw ingredients. Tickets to the dinner cost EUR 55 and are available for purchase from the restaurants UmbRoht, Vein ja Vine, Crepp and the Tallinn wine bar Shvips.

The main day of the festival is Saturday, 12 August, when the focus of the food area, stretching along Küüni Street and through parks, will be Estonia’s own food and raw ingredients. Visitors will be able to take home with them products made by small producers, and degust and sample the products of pop-up restaurants on the spot. They can also take part in selecting Tartu maitse 2017 (Taste of Tartu 2017). Competing for the title will be 11 large and small domestic producers, identified at the Festival with the label Tartu Maitse 2017 (Taste of Tartu 2017).

On the same day, a wine area will be opened for the first time in the courtyard between Ülikooli 3 and Küüni 5, where one will be able to degust various wines from around the world, take part in workshops, and during the evening hours enjoy bossa nova and jazz rhythms from Brazil. The first Tartu City Wine will also be selected.

The programme for the event is being led by Lauri Tomingas, head chef at the restaurant Riis, with musical entertainment being offered by special guests Zorbas and HU?, hailing from Peipsimaa. The playful programme in the children's area of the City Centre Park includes cookie cake eating as well as activities that are both fun and full of movement.

On the home café day of the Food and Wine Festival, home cafés in Tammelinn, Karlova and Ihaste will be opening their doors to visitors.

‘Tartu is on its way to becoming the food capital of South-Estonia. In addition to the August festival, Sauce 2017 – the international competition for young chefs – and the South-Estonia Food Conference, will be taking place in September. Extensive renovations to the Tartu Market building, which will be reopening in October, will make it an exciting place to visit for local residents and tourists alike. So it seemed right to expand the Tartu Food and Wine Festival into a three-day event’, said Helen Kalberg, Marketing Manager for the City of Tartu.

The Tartu Food and Wine Festival is taking place for the third time.

Additional information:

Helen Kalberg, Marketing Manager for the City of Tartu
Tel: 51 33 929

Last changed 01.08.2019