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Reputational events

Reputational events

Tartu is a university city with a vivid and colourful cultural life that is renowned for its youthful atmosphere. In addition, Tartu also hosts a range of high-ranking events that are international in scope. For example, the skiing event Tartu Maraton is one of the oldest ski marathons in the world, with 55 years of history. The marathon is also hard to outdo in terms of the number of participants it attracts and its level of organisation. Tartu Hanseatic Days and the Hansa Fair have been entertaining residents of Tartu in early July for more than 20 years. In August, Town Hall Square transforms into an outdoor cinema for the week-long Tartu Love Film Festival tARTuFF. At the start of September, Tartu hosts the theatre festival Draama, bringing together the very best of Estonian theatre. Tartu is also known around the world for its street art, which is celebrated with the annual street art festival Stencibility.

There are plenty of other exciting high-profile events that regularly take place in Tartu. Read the “What takes place in Tartu?” booklet on reputational events to learn more about what is going on in Tartu.

Photo by Sander Hiire
Photo by Sander Hiire

Suursündmused 2023

Sündmus Kuupäev
Maarjalaat 09.09.
MK etapp võistlustantsus WDSF Tartu Open  09.09.
Slaavi Kultuuri Ühingu 25. Ball  16.09.
Tartu Rattamaraton  17.09.
Tartu Tudengipäevad: Sügis 25.09.-01.10
Friday Night Run 06.10.
Tartu Linnamarton 07.10.
Festival „Orient et Occident”  20.-23.10
Festival iDeeJazz 26.-28.10
Festival AFEKT 27.-31.10
Hingede öö festival 01.-05.11
PÖFF Tartu  10.-26.11
Rahvatantsuansamblite galakontsert 25.11.
TRT Dance Masters - European Dance Championships 09.-10.12
Jõululaat 09.12.


Rohkem sündmusi leiab Kultuuriaknast

Booklet on reputational events

The events calendar “What  takes place in Tartu? 2021” provides an overview of the most important events being held in the city. The booklet has been published  in English,  RussianFinnish,  Latvian, German in addition to Estonian.

What takes place in Tartu? 2021

What Takes Place in Tartu? 2021

Last changed 29.03.2022