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Ticket Prices

Prices and discounts

*Official place of residence in Tartu city, Kambja, Luunja or Tartu municipality.

Joint ticket gives you the right to use bus services and an access to Tartu Smart Bike Share network.

  • Discounted tickets apply with personalized bus card.
  • Discount groups: child (7-19 years old), youth (20-26 years old), elder (64 and more years old), severe disability.

Basis: Regulation No. 85 of Tartu City Council of June 2015

  • To receive a discount for a pensioner living in Estonia who receives the old-age pension from a foreign country, a “Discount Group” must be added to the bus card, which can be done on the basis of a personal identification code and pension certificate at the Information Center of Tartu or by writing to [email protected].

If a passenger has not bought a specific ticket and there is enough money on the smart card account, the new system will charge the passenger the cheapest price, up to the price of a full day ticket.  Passengers can take an unlimited number of trips for €2.50 (resident) or €3.75 (non-resident), there need to be at least €4.50 on the card. The system calculates the day-ticket itself.

Right to Travel on City Buses Free of Charge

Passengers with the right of free travel under the Public Transport Act (a Tartu bus smart card is not required and journeys do not need to be registered on the on-board validators):

  • children under the age of seven as of 1st October of the current school year
  • children whose school entry has been deferred
  • individuals 16 years and younger with a disability
  • individuals 16 years and older with a profound disability
  • individuals with severe visual impairments
  • persons accompanying individuals with profound or severe visual impairments, or a visually impaired individual’s guide dog

Passengers with the right of free travel granted by the City of Tartu are persons whose registered place of residence is in the City of Tartu (the right of free travel does not apply on commercial lines). Such individuals can receive their first smart card from the City free of charge and may travel for free, but must register every trip on the on-board validators:

  • persons 65 years and older (upon presentation of identification)
  • severely disabled individuals with impaired mobility (upon presentation of a valid certificate)
  • families with four or more children up to 19 years of age (upon presentation of a valid certificate from the department of social welfare)
  • children in social welfare institutes (upon presentation of a valid certificate from the department of social welfare)
  • persons accompanying children with disabilities or individuals with profound disabilities

Last changed 25.10.2022