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Cooperation between Tartu and Uppsala

Friendly relations and cooperation between Tartu and Uppsala formally started with an agreement signed in 1988.

In the 2000s, cooperation centred on acquiring EU experience, joint projects, cooperation among Nordic sister cities and sharing Tartu’s e-Governance experiences with Uppsala.

The Swedish city was one of the instigators of the Nordic Chain in 1947 and in 1991 Tartu became a member of the network at the request and with the support of Uppsala.

The University of Tartu and Uppsala University as well as the Estonian University of Life Sciences and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences have long been partners.

The recipient of the Star of Tartu from Uppsala is:

  • Solveig Nilsson, who has played an important part in promoting the partnership between Tartu and Uppsala since 1988. She helped initiate cooperation between the two cities in such fields as education, welfare, city planning and the urban economy.

The recipients of the Medal of Tartu from Uppsala are:

  • Bertil Lindström, who was a Municipal Director of Uppsala Municipality, but who has now sadly passed away.

  • Bengt Ingvar Bylund, who has mediated a great deal of humanitarian aid to Tartu.

  • John-Erik Thun, who is a former chairman of Uppsala Municipal Council.

  • Gunnar Hedberg, who has been a member of Uppsala Municipal Council since 1973 and been elected mayor twice.

  • Kenneth Holmstedt, who is the former Municipal Director of Uppsala.

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The recipient of the Star of Tartu Solveig Nilsson

Last changed 07.12.2020