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Construction contract for city’s western bypass signed in Tartu

Transport Administration Press Release

2 June / Today, the construction contract for the second stage of the Western Tartu Bypass was signed. Extensive construction and reconstruction work will begin in June and continue for two years. The Riga Roundabout will also be included within the construction site, and will be transformed into a grade separated intersection.

According to Tartu Mayor Urmas Klaas, the construction of this traffic junction is something that Tartu has been looking forward to for a long time. ‘I am pleased that the Riga Roundabout – one of the most accident-prone intersections in Estonia – will be made safer. In addition, the new traffic junction will direct transit traffic away from the city, which is important for our living environment’, said the mayor.

Kaido Padar, Director General of the Transport Administration, stated that the agreement is one of the largest investments, in terms of cost, that the state has ever made in the infrastructure of Southern Estonia. ‘The goal is to make road traffic safer, to improve the capacity of intersections in Tartu, when passing through the city and, of course, when arriving in Tartu’, said Padar.

According to Tarvi Kliimask, CEO of GRK Infra, main contractor for the construction, 21 months of complex work and difficulties for road users lie ahead, but all with the same objective – safer and smoother traffic at Tartu’s busiest transport node. ‘We ask all those who cannot avoid the Riga Roundabout during construction to set aside some time and patience’, said Kliimask, as he admonished road users.

In the course of the works, approximately 2.5 km of state roads will be rebuilt, while approximately 2 km of city streets will be reconstructed and approximately 2.4 km of new city streets will be built. A total of 9 roundabouts will be constructed and 3 new viaducts will be built for vehicles, including a 316.2 m long viaduct over the Riga Roundabout.

Cycle and pedestrian tracks will be reconstructed or added in the extent of approximately 8.4 km. A total of 5 grade separated road crossings will be built for pedestrians and cyclists, 2 of which will consist of 2 separate viaducts or structures.

In addition, 1120 metres of new noise barriers and approximately 11,670 metres of new rainwater pipes will be built, and approximately 380 new street light poles, 781 traffic signs and 212 signposts will be installed.

Construction will take place over a period of 21 months, and the work must be completed by the beginning of 2023.

The designer of the second stage of the Western Tartu Bypass is Teedeprojekt OÜ, the main contractors are GRK Infra AS and GRK Infra OY, and owner supervision is being performed by BRP Insenerid OÜ.

The cost of the procurement is EUR 29,214,815.

Video: https://youtu.be/AIjXzCeoOjM

Last changed 03.06.2021