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The focus of Car-Free Avenue is environmental friendliness

Tartu City Government Press Release

Car-Free Avenue Photo: Eva Maria Tartu

1 July / Car-Free Avenue will be taking place this year as a green event, in order to reduce the environmental impact of the event and to show that everyone’s contributions are important when it comes to achieving environmental goals. Deposit tableware will be used at the site, renewable energy will be consumed, free drinking water will be offered instead of bottled water, waste will be sorted, and the impact of the event will be measured.

This year, Car-Free Avenue will only be offering food and drinks using reusable deposit tableware, and visitors using personal dishes can wash them at a dishwashing station. A free drinking water point will be installed and bottled water will not be available for purchase on-site. Surplus from caterers will be distributed through a food distribution cabinet to reduce the wasting of edible food.

Waste will be sorted on-site by type, while the volume of waste generated will be mapped. In addition, other environmental impact indicators will be measured, such as vehicle kilometres and the cost of fuel required for the construction of the site, the number of visitors, the number of bicycle users, water consumption, energy consumption, etc. Assessing the impact of Car-Free Avenue will help us understand the actual environmental impact of the event and will serve as an important input in setting subsequent green goals.

A self-driving bus will be running along Car-Free Avenue, an additional bicycle parking facility will be installed, and all on-site electricity will be supplied from renewable energy sources.

Many of the familiar attractions from last year will be re-used in the construction of the site, and a number of workshops and events will take place to encourage people to choose more environmentally friendly modes of transport. During the event, a cycling day will be held and Elva, the European City of Sport for 2021, invites all visitors to collect running and walking kilometres in the Elva Million.

The event follows the guidelines for organising environmentally friendly events, which are based on the environmental strategy of Foundation Tartu 2024. The guidelines can be found here: https://www.tartu2024.ee/ellujaamise-kunstid/keskkonnajuhend.

Car-Free Avenue will be open to visitors from 9 July through 8 August, and is being organised by the Tartu City Government, Tiigi Society House and the Tartu 2024 Foundation, together with many other excellent cooperation partners.

Last changed 01.07.2021