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Tartu was awarded the internationally recognised title of Green Tourist Destination

Tartu City Government Press Release

linnavaade Photo: Viljo Allik

21 June / Green Destinations, the international organisation responsible for developing sustainable tourism, recognised Tartu as a Silver Level Green Tourism Destination.

Applying for a recognised quality label required the completion and defence of a report consisting of one hundred criteria, which mapped the current situation in Tartu in areas of importance for sustainable tourism.

Since the spring of 2020, Tartu has participated in the Green Destinations pilot project in cooperation with Enterprise Estonia’s Tourist Board and six other regions in Estonia. The aim of the project is to raise Estonia, including Tartu, onto the world map of green tourist destinations, in order to stand out as an attractive destination among visitors who appreciate sustainable tourism.

In order to gain international recognition, Tartu had to evaluate and defend its objectives, activities and values to date in a report consisting of one hundred criteria. The mapping covered the areas of destination management, culture, traditions, environment and climate, nature conservation, social welfare and hospitality. The report was followed by an international audit, during the course of which experts from various fields were interviewed in Tartu. As a result of the nearly year-long application process, Tartu was recognised as a Silver Level Green Destination.

Imbi Lepik-Martinson, coordinator of the Green Destinations pilot project at Enterprise Estonia’s Tourist Board, pointed out that Tartu had uniformly high grades in all categories, with the highest grades being awarded to the category of culture and traditions and destination management.

According to Helen Kalberg, Marketing Manager for the City of Tartu, the high level of international regard for a green tourist destination shows that Tartu has set its operational focus correctly. ‘We want it to be equally good for both residents and tourists in Tartu. Focusing on sustainability enables both – with Tartu developing as both a living environment and a tourist destination’, said Kalberg.

Tartu’s participation in the Green Destinations program is being coordinated by Visit Tartu. Estonia’s participation in the Green Destinations programme is being financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the programme is being coordinated by Enterprise Estonia.

Additional information: Dana Neemre, Visit Tartu. Tel: +513-7946


Last changed 21.06.2021