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Bus tickets can be purchased using contactless mobile payment in Tartu

Tartu City Government Press Release

Bus tickets can be purchased using contactless mobile payment in Tartu Photo: Ketlin Lääts

26 May / Thanks to the contactless smart solution offered by the Estonian company Ridango, Tartu bus riders can pay for their trip without using a physical ticket, cash, or bank card.

In cooperation with the Tartu City Government, Ridango and Telia, the Apple Pay Express Mode express payment solution is available on public transport vehicles. This means that customers can conveniently pay for rides on city buses using contactless payment, simply by waving their iPhone or Apple Watch at the validator.

‘The City of Tartu wants to make it as convenient as possible for users of public transport services, and Smart Tap technology makes it easier than ever to buy a bus ticket. This is the most modern technology in Eastern Europe,’ said Roman Meeksa, Head of Tartu Linnatransport.

The secure and fast payment solution works for Apple Pay users on the bus without having to unlock the device or app, there is no need to use Face ID, Touch ID or enter passwords separately. To activate this feature, all you need to do is add your own bank card in the Wallet app and turn on Express Mode. The payment solution also works if the battery in your device is empty.

‘Tartu has always been at the forefront of new solutions. We are very happy that travellers in Tartu are the first in Estonia to have access to this solution. The Apple Pay payment solution allows you to purchase a ticket even more conveniently and quickly,’ said Sven Rosenberg, Head of Sales at Ridango.

There are a total of 13 bus routes in Tartu, plus two night lines. The city’s bus routes are served by 64 low-floor buses that run on environmentally friendly biomethane. Additional information about bus routes and tickets in Tartu can be found via the city’s free helpline 1789.

Estonian public transport technology company AS Ridango was founded in 2009 and is focused on the development of public transport ticketing, real-time and payment systems. Ridango is a recognized public transport information technology company in Northern Europe and has received various international awards.

More information about Apple Pay: www.apple.com/apple-pay

Additional information: Roman Meeksa, +372 517 3566

Last changed 30.05.2022