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Car-Free Avenue brings temporary traffic changes to the heart of the city

Tartu City Government Press Release

Car-Free Avenue

17 June / From 3 July until 2 August a section of Vabaduse Avenue will become Car-Free Avenue, in order to attract resident of Tartu to the city centre to safely and enjoyably spend time. Preparatory works will begin on 28 June, and the section of road from the Kaubamaja intersection to Kaarsild Bridge will be close to traffic until 6 August.

During this time, traffic will move along Narva Highway, to which bus lines 6, 7 and 13, and night lines 21 and 22 have also been temporarily directed. During that time, buses will not be stopping at the Raeplats and Vabaduse Avenue stops, the Palmihoone bus stop has been temporarily moved to Lai Street. Travelling in the direction of the city centre, only buses from line No. 7 will stop at the Vene stop. Information on the traffic changes will be provided this week via direct mail arriving in the mail boxes of city residents and residents of the region.

The car parks at Tartu Market Hall, Kaubamaja, and the City Library will remain open to cars. Additional parking spaces will be created for tour buses by the monument to Oskar Luts, near the Magistri Street car park. Three stopping places will be created for taxis at the Kaubamaja car park on Uueturu Street, and three spaces by the monument to Oskar Luts, near the Magistri Street car park.

The goal of Car-Free Avenue is to create a safe public space, which offers exciting leisure opportunities and enlivens the city centre. Awaiting visitors will be a labyrinth of swings, a beach bar, outdoor reading room, picnic tables, meadow boxes with diverse flora, food trucks, a meeting area, market and flea market, programmes and workshops, a ping-pong table, an outdoor cinema, and much more.

Car-Free Avenue activities will end at 22.00 from Sun-Thurs and 00.30 on Fri-Sat. Police and security staff will be helping to maintain order in the area.

Rutt Ernits-Sups

avalike suhete osakond

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Last changed 17.06.2020